Art And Craft for Kids

Art and Craft for kids are widely used during Family Days, Roadshows, Shopping Centre Events, Birthday Parties and Camps. Besides keeping the kids entertained, the little kiddies will enjoy creating their own masterpiece, having a souvenir to bring home!

Art and Craft for kids also nurture kids to care and share when the masterpiece they have created are given as a gift to their mummies, daddies, siblings and friends.

Art And Craft for Kids Available

Here are just some of the Crafts & Workshops we can provide:

Spa Workshops

Adults can also indulge in spa workshops where they will learn how to make their own:

  • Fragrant Sachet
  • Lavender Pillow
  • Make-My-Own Bath Salts
  • Scented Soaps
  • Lip Balm
  • Sugar Scrub
  • Bath Bag

Safety Measures

Kids safety and hygiene are on the top of our list. Therefore, we will make sure that no kids will come into contact with the dangerous objects and materials will be provided in a manner whereby the rule is obeyed.

We will also provide waterless hand sanitizer on each craft session to reduce the risk of bacterial infections. Kids will be made to use it before and after each session.

Customization of Crafts for Kids

Let us know if the kids activity you are looking for is not listed above and arrangement can be made according to your requirement.

The above listed crafts for kids can be catered for premade, personalized souvenirs for the kids or adults. They can be created on the spot for people to bring them home. This is especially interesting when it coincides with the theme of the event.

My Little Craft Apron

Little Aprons may be worn by kids attending the craft workshops. These can be customized to bear your logos at an additional cost.

My Little Chef Hats

Little Chef Hats may be worn by kids attending Food Related Craft Workshops. These can be customized to bear your logos at an additional cost.


Let us know if you require little colourful tables and chairs for kids.

Special Note

Kids Craft Corner will come inclusive of all materials and Kids coordinators. Contact us for more information.