Halloween Costumes Singapore

Your guests deserve to be scared stiff at Halloween! And with Arts & Carts dishing out the horror, you’ll be in for a frightening experience. Halloween is one of the most beloved holidays, and promises lots of gory fun for kids and adults alike. If you want to organize the absolute best Halloween party for your friends and family, complete with Halloween costumes, props and décor, look no further.

Arts & Carts provides end-to-end support for your Halloween horror night and turns your venue into a ghost town! From props, decoration and conceptualization to Halloween costumes and makeup, we can recreate an atmosphere that will give you the shivers.

Get Your Halloween Costumes, Props, Décor & Makeup Here

We have a range of premium Halloween costumes for any look. Made from quality materials and finished to perfection, each one of our costumes are scarier than the last. Add to the scare factor with top-of-the-line special effects makeup to create scars and wounds.

We have been in business for years, and know from experience that the magic is in the details. We can develop unique concepts for your Halloween night, and help you with lighting, layout and décor that fits into the overarching theme. Our organized Halloween service integrates every aspect of the party, giving you a complete and carefully-crafted ambiance.

If you want to find out what we can do for your Halloween horror night, give us a scream by going to the right sidebar on this page, and filling up the contact form or calling us for more information!

Package includes:

  • Halloween costumes
  • Party planning and conceptualization
  • Theme-based decoration
  • High-end props
  • Professional makeup artists
  • End-to-end party support