Caricature Artist Singapore

If you’re looking for something your guests can take home, there’s nothing better than the gift of a good laugh! That’s precisely what Caricature Artist Singapore can provide.

Let us end your hunt for the perfect caricature artist. Arts & Carts can liven up your event with a caricaturist your guests will love to interact with. Our caricature artists are among the most talented in Singapore and can create:

Caricature Drawings

Shrink Caricature with Keychains

Digital Caricature

… And Much Much More!

Having a caricature artist at a venue creates a more engaging environment in which guests can take part in the artist’s craft as their caricatures are being drawn. This helps the guests become more involved with all the fun and entertaining activities of your event, and makes them feel as if they are a part of the festivities. Perhaps the best part is actually being able to bring home the memories with an actual caricature.

Hire The Top Caricature Artist Singapore

A good caricature is something that everyone appreciates – it’s a fun and harmless way of poking fun at oneself, while giving others a laugh as well! Arts & Carts can help you create a joyful and lighthearted party atmosphere that’s sure to delight friends and family. If you want to hire a top caricature artist for your special event, simply go to the right sidebar on this page, and fill up the contact form or call us now!

Service highlights:

  • Largest caricaturist team in Singapore
  • Top-quality, professional caricature drawings
  • Different styles and mediums available
  • Professional support crew